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  1. I was delighted to make Leanne & Jon's wedding cake on Easter Monday. They were getting married at Coombe Lodge in Blagdon, a beautiful venue that I am lucky enough to have delivered plenty of wedding cakes to and also attended weddings there myself. 

    The theme for their wedding was country fair and there were going to be lots of crafty finishing touches, the majority of which Leanne made herself. When they first came to see to chat cake the idea was a 3 tier rustic buttercream cake. But they mention they would like to incoporate lace somehow, so the design evolved. The finished product was a perfect blend of rustic and elegant and overall, beautiful.

    The bottom tier was lemon sponge with lemon curd and buttercream. The middle was 'cherry bakewell, - amaretto sponge with cherry jam and amaretto buttercream. The top was vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and white chocolate buttercream. The middle tier was iced and finished with cake lace which is an edible lace in a design which was a great match for the sample of lace I was sent from Leanne's dress. 

    It was then finished perfectly with stunning spring flowers that were provided by Acacia flowers Ltd in Wells (


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  2. I get to make cakes for so many different occasion and themes that each one is generally different and present different challenges. But, I do have a cake bucket list. Last year I was able to tick off Harry Potter and have been lucky enough to do another one since with a totally different design too. 

    When I got an email with the words 'Game of Thrones', my heart did a little flip! Yes, another one on my bucket list. I was lucky to be given pretty much free range on it (I think it soon became apparent that I'm a bit of a GoT geek!). So here it is:

    Game of Thrones cake


    This Diawolf was modelled totally by hand, I gradually built up the textures and sprayed it silver.



    The Iron Throne has a base of rice krispie treats, I then produced my own amoury to cover it with icing swords.


    The Weirtree was hand modelled by twisting icing and adding texture. 



    The 'blood' was white chocolate ganache coloured red. It was a bit of a leap of faith pouring that over!

    So, there we go, another tick on my list. Incase you're interested, The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz are still on there.....


    Harry Potter cake can be seen in my galleries here