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The wide range of styles of cake I get asked to do is what makes my job so enjoyable. These chocolate cakes are becoming more and more popular and (as a chocolate addict), it's not hard to see why. They can be made to any budget and really have a wow factor. This one was a 9" chocolate sponge chock-a-block full of chocolately goodness!

Chocolate madness!

I also learn lots of new things through my work, for example, I now know the names of all the One Direction - Louis, Harry, Zayne, Niall and.... ummmmm, hmmmmm, Liam!!! This was an 8" chocolate cake made for a 1D fan.

One Direction cake

I have a wedding cake in August and the wedding is taking place in Essex. That Cake Lady is going on tour!! Anyway, I sent off a box of samples to London for the bride and groom to enjoy. Thankfullly they got there in one piece. Actually, it was nice to have a day of baking, which I love, and not having to worry about the decorating side of it for a while!

London box

Cake trio


I've done this style of cake a few times now, but as a nation of golfers, it's hardly suprising. 9" chocolate cake.

Golfing cake

This model was a challenge, the cake needed to incorporate running, so I decided to make the model in action. Which meant one leg had to be off the ground. Which meant a balancing game. Which meant panic and worry. Which resulted in a brilliant effect!! I used the birthday boy's date of birth as a finish time and then there is a little pair of boxing gloves and a Man Utd emblem, to show his other loves in life. 9" vanilla sponge.


This model was also a challenge! The handle bars proved tricky, but once I'd sorted it, I was over the moon with it! The topper is so cool, the whole cake is so cool! 8" vanilla sponge.

PicMonkey Collage

For a baby girl's thanksgiving ceremony, I was asked for a fruit cake and 50 accompanying cupcakes. The fruit is an 8" round and there are 50 cupcakes on the tower, each topped with 2 tone buttercream and a twinkly star.


I've recieved some amazing feedback from my cakes over the last couple of months and the biggest compliment of all - repeat bookings. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in ordering a cake, I'm happy to chat cake to anyone and there is no obligation!


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