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People often ask me which is my favourite cake. I often chop and change my mind and some of them are just not comparable, I like them for different reasons. However, I can safetly say (for now!), that this is my most favourite cake EVER!

Ice cream sundae cake

It was ordered as a suprise for a guy who goes to Italy most years and loves their ice-cream, or gelato. So his wife and daughter asked could I make an ice-cream sundae. I decided the best way to present this was in a trifle dish and it took a bit of bravery to plonk (yes, a technical cake decorating word!) the main body of the cake into the dish! The 4 scoops of ice-cream are all individual cakes and then all of the decoration and fruit were hand modelled from sugarpaste apart from the purple and gold palm tree things! Yes, this is definitely my favourite!

Ice cream sundae 039



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