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A long overdue blog post. At last, it seems Spring might have arrived. There is actually a little bit of warmth in the air, and although still windy, at least it's not that biting wind!

I have been busy as ever. I've had some super orders over the last few weeks. I loved doing this Batman cake and used my spray gun to get that amazing black shiny finish. The yellow against the black looks so striking, I was really pleased with the result, as was the customer. The cake was a 9" chocolate cake.

























My roses cake continues to be popular and I have done it for an 85th Birthday and a Golden wedding anniversary in the last few weeks.

I have had 2 football cakes to do. One for a Chelsea fan and the other for a Bristol City fan. Both cakes were chocolate. Chocolate cake is very popular and seeing as I fill it with buttercream and cover it in ganache, it's no wonder really!

My chefs hat cake was designed by the customer and I was really exciting to make it. The cake was vanilla with jam and buttercream. The knife and spoon were hand cut and painted, totally edible. Full photo in the hobbies and sports gallery.

















This dinky little cake is only about 2.5" square and it was an eggless sponge made for a party guest with an egg allergy. They would make a lovely wedding cake tower, or even favours.



















And finally, I got to play with glitter for this make up cake. I've had lovely feedback from it, which is always nice to hear!



















I have more exciting cakes ahead. Off the top of my head : shoes, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Star Wars, hippies, shabby chic, more football, a Beetle, Dora and roses will all be making an appearance soon! I'm sure to have forgotton some. The summer months are booking up and I have a fair few bookings for the Autumn too, I've even a cake booked for New Years Day. I can never stress enough - book early!



Never ending winter?


I'm starting to wonder if we will ever see the end of this winter, I cannot believe how cold it still is. I have some hot chocolate cones for sale at the moment which will help warm your cockles! Add the hot choc powder, choc chips and marshmallows to warm milk and stir with the chocolate coated spoon. They are only £1.50 each and make a lovely gift.

Luckily I had some bright and cheerful cakes this weekend to make it feel more spring-like, inside at least! The oven helped warm me up too, from all the baking!
























60 of my cake pops went to the Alliance Homes offices in Portishead to be sold in aid of Portishead, all of them sold, contributing £60 to the total £268 raised.























Katie turned 9 and had a number cake with all her favourite hobbies and interests on top, she also had matching cupcakes for her party guests to take home.













I have bookings all the way to October, so as ever, please book early to avoid disappointment.




Bumper month


I'm so excited as February was my busiest ever month! I'm also pretty tired! When I started my little business late last June, I quietly thought to myself that maybe a couple of orders per month would be pretty good going. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have 22 in one month! I'm very lucky that I get to do a job I love and that I get to try so many different designs. Here are all 22 from February.



























Here is a detail shot from the Shrek cake I did for Samuel who was turning 2. I was pretty pleased with my donkey! Joining him around the edge of the cake was Shrek, Princess Fiona and the Gingerbread Man.


























March is fairly quiet, although to be honest, I'm quite glad of that. It will give me time to catch up on all the things I neglected during February, namely my family! I have already done a super cake in March though, I think it's my new favourite! Maisy is my youngest's BFF, I have made all of her cakes since she was 2 (In the Night Garden, Hello Kitty, Fireman Sam) and this one was to be magic themed to go with her party. The rabbit is a giant cake pop, the 'hat' is chocolate cake and all of the other decorations were handmade and all edible (except for the obvious bits of wire you can see!). A picture of the full cake can be seen in the Childrens cakes gallery.

































I've also been quite busy behind the scenes, I've been fiddling about with my website. I have added more galleries as there were getting to be far to many cake photos, so I've catagorised them a bit more. Don't forget, you can add yourself to my mailing list on the Contact Me page too.

April and May are already very nearly fully booked for weekends. If you are thinking of ordering a cake, however far in advance, I urge you to do so sooner rather than later.



Did you guess right!?


Last time I left you with a clue, a very dodgy yodel! Here is the cake I was hinting at. It was made for a 40th Birthday and the party theme was Bavarian. It was a huge hit and I have to say it has quickly jumped to the front of my favourite cake list.










So, we're only 4 days into February, and I've already completed 5 orders. February would appear a very popular month for Birthdays!

First up a joint cake for 3 year old boys who were having a joint party. Edward loves tractors and Tristan loves trains, so this is what I came up with. I had exellent feedback and no-one wanted to cut it! It was a 9" vanilla sponge, filled with jam and buttercream.












Then a 7" rich fruit cake for a retirement. Clive had worked at Western Power Distribution for 40 years. He was sad about having to return his trusty company vehicle, so I made him a mini one he can keep forever. Or eat, it's up to him!!












I had a bit of a panic when I was asked to do a BMX bike cake, bikes are so confusing, have you ever tried drawing one!? Anyway, I built it from scratch, and actually, it turned out OK. You can't see so well from the photos, but the wheels even had little metal spokes! This was a 7" vanilla sponge.












The other 2 orders were cupcakes. The first lot were a dozen chocolate and a dozen vanilla, the customer supplied her own cupcake cases and had her own decorations. The other lot was a dozen vanilla, and was ordered as treat for an office who had a detox challenge throughout January! What better way to end a diet.....















The rest of February is fully booked, March and April are already very busy. Gift certificates are available for Valentines day and I do still have limited space for Mothers Day orders (10th March).




Get in quick!


My 2013 diary is filling up very fast. February is almost full, there is only one weekend left (23rd/24th) and a few midweek dates. March is filling fast, and April is getting jam packed. If you want a cake, even if you are unsure of what style, you can never book the date too early. A £10 deposit will secure a spot in my order book.

I have a great order for this weekend, a 70th Birthday cake with a few different elements to it. The customer has requested walnut cake, so I had a trial run earlier with a recipe (devised by me) and it tastes amazing!

Next weekend I have a cake to do that looks AMAZING in my head, I so hope I can translate it into cake. When I drew the original sketch ideas I didn't think the customer would look twice at it, but she chose it! Then of course I had the "how am I actually going to do that?" moment. With my careful planning and plotting though, I'm hoping to pull it off! I can give you a clue - "Yodel-eh-hee-hoo" ;o)

I baked a 7" fruit cake this week, ready for an order in a few weeks. I also have a 12" fruit all baked and being fed weekly for a special wedding anniversary cake in February. It's so heavy, I can hardly lift it. It is a king of cakes! I think I will need help to carry it once it's marzipanned and iced!





Happy New Year!


Less than a week into 2013 and I've already completed 2 orders. The first was a selection of cupcakes, vanilla, lemon meringue and carrot, for a 65th Birthday.














The second was another Mulberry handbag cake for a 21st. I was very lucky at Christmas as Father Christmas bought me an airbrush gun. So, instead of colouring up fondant by hand, I can spray any colour onto it and use shading to get a more realistic feel. I decided this was the perfect cake to try it out on. Below is a picture of the evolution of the Mulberry cake, according to That Cake Lady.  The first was made in 2011 for a very good friend, who has a bit of a Mulberry problem, as in, she has a lot of them! I was just a hobby baker at the time, and thought it was amazing and got so many compliments on it. The second was made for a customer in 2012, just before Christmas and I think you can tell I'd come on a bit with my skills! The 3rd is this weekends version, and I think the airbrush technique is perfect for this kind of cake, it really brings the 'leather' to life. I've had amazing feedback for all 3, and I look forward to making more handbags, even if it's not a Mulberry!!





Thank you!


I've had a jam packed December. My busiest month so far by far, both Christmas and Birthday cakes. Thank you for making my first 6 months so successful, I've been able to make some amazing cakes and I already have a busy diary for 2013, I can't wait to get started. We are at a wedding on NYE, black tie an' all, very posh! I will be back in the kitchen on the 3rd making a cupcake selection box for a 65th. Here's a selection of some of my favourites from 2012 though...



Sailing, flowers, snowballs and chocolate!


After a busy weekend, I would have liked to have had a quiet week to look forward to. But it was not to be. I had offered to donate a Christmas cake to Wraxall school for their Christmas fayre. It has been baked for months, but I covered and decorated it at the start of the week. I hope whoever wins it in the raffle enjoys it!



















I then had 3 cakes to do for one order. For her first wedding anniversary, Toni wanted a cake for her and Brian to each take to their work and one to share at home. I had sent off a range of design ideas back in the summer, and Toni chose one of them for the work cakes, but she gave me total free reign over their cake, wanting it as a total suprise! So, the inspiration: They had married onboard P&O Arcadia and the wedding had been arranged in about 5 weeks. Her dress was beautiful and the veil had tiny pearl beads embroidered on in the shape of daisies. She had not chosen a particular bouquet, just requesting white with a hint of green, they were a total suprise to her on the day and they were stunning. So, I picked out a couple of the flowers and tried to capture the pure simpleness of them. 3 rows of frills around the bottom of the cake incorporated more of the palest of green and a tiny piped daisy design around the board hinted at her veil detail.

So, she arrived to collect all 3 cakes, I took the lids off the sailing cakes and she was over the moon. Then I unveiled the suprise cake and she went a bit quiet. "Do you like it?" I squeaked, but it was fairly obvious she loved it and she welled up a bit! She had one word for it "perfect". The flowers had been a perfect suprise for her on the day and the cake captured that and it was another perfect suprise a year later!

















All of the cakes were 6", one lemon sponge with homemade lemon curd and lemon buttercream, one chocolate with chocolate buttercream and one red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

So, 4 cakes down, one to go. A snow inspired cake. The customer had given me a photo of the kind of thing they had in mind. They wanted a chocolate cake, but do not like fondant. Hmmm, how to get a chocolate cake to look like snow - cover it in white chocolate ganache! Finn loves snow sports and is having a tobagganing party for his birthday. Him and his dad love visiting the indoor snowdome too.




















So, 5 cakes, all finished. A well deserved weekend off. Ummm, no! I had a call late Wednesday asking if I could make a Mulberry handbag cake for an 18th Birthday, for Sunday. Who needs a rest anyway!?




A Lovely! fair


Yesterday I did my first ever cake stall at a craft fair. It was the Lovely! fair in Southville, Bristol. Laura, the organiser, is lovely (!) and had worked really hard on the organisation, making it a big success.

To say I was nervous was an understatement. I had been nervous ever since I booked my table months ago, and that feeling was getting stronger the nearer it got. On Friday, I had agreed to go on a school trip with my youngest son, thus losing precious baking time! Anyway, as soon as I was home, the oven went on and stayed on until I'd finished a fair few hours later.

I felt as sick as a dog on Saturday morning and was up at 6am putting finishing touches together and packing the car. I picked up my mum (my assistant for the day) and off we went. I was so worried we wouldn't get set up in time, but we needn't have worried, we were all set to go by 10am. In fact, we had some time to look at some of the other lovely stalls and look at all their beautiful products.

Nearly half an hour in and I honestly thought I was going to go home with everything I had bought. But then I made my first sale (2 peanut butter cookies) and that seemed to open the floodgates and I seemed to be busy for a long while. There was a bit of a lull then, but when we checked the time, it was approx 1pm, so lunchtime. This gave me time to rearrange my table and get out a big lemon and mascropone sponge I'd been unable to fit on!

Then there seemed to be another busy period and it was amazing to see all of my cakes, brownies and cookies being sold. Brownies sold out, as did chilli jam, chocolate orange cupcakes (Laura snaffled the last one!) and mint choc cupcakes.

3pm seemed to come round in the blink of an eye and we were soon packing up. I had about a dozen cupcakes to bring home and a couple of other bits and bobs. Enough to keep the kids happy at any rate! Finally there is cake in OUR cake tin.

Laura has another Lovely! fair on the 1st December, see for details. I won't be at that one as it's my eldest's birthday that weekend.

I will be at the Tithe Barn craft fair in Nailsea on December 8th though, 10am - 2pm, I'll hopefully see you there.




Bad blogger!


I've had so many orders, which is great, but it means I have been a bad blogger!

October was all about the cupcake! From shabby chic to gruesome Halloween, from chocolate orange to polka dots, I've done them all!
















I was a bit worried I would have forgotten how to cover and decorate a large cake, and then I got the most fantastic brief - pink, girlie, maybe a castle? It only needed to feed about 12-15 people, so I sketched out a design for a small scale castle which the customer loved. So I made it, and I loved it and they loved it! Aimee, who was turning 5 was a very happy little girl.













Last week I had an order from one of my regular customers. A rugby cake with 12 matching cupcakes which went down a storm and I woke this morning to a lovely email from her saying everybody loved it. I have another rugby cake to do next month (ready for Christmas day in fact), so that is officially my most popular design.

Last week I also had lovely feedback about the 100th cake I had made that had travelled all the way to Newcastle. It was finally cut at Queenie's party last weekend (it was a rich fruit cake) and everyone said how much they enjoyed it. Queenie had a lovely birthday and spent the afternoon singing songs!

So, what else is happening?

My cakes are now for sale in The Blue Room in Nailsea, which is very exciting.

I am doing my first fair this Saturday 17t November in Southville ( which is also very exciting. This week is busy with preperation for that.

Next week I have a secret project which involves 3 different cakes for the same ocassion and a snow themed cake for a Birthday boy.

After that, more of the same, take it from me I am busy right up until Christmas. Which is amazing and more than I could hope for. I am slightly concerened as to when I can fit my Christmas shopping in though......



Cakes from 0 - 100!


As ever, my work has been varied and fun since my last blog. Jacob, my eldest, finished Cubs and has moved onto Scouts. I wanted to show his leaders there how much I apprectiated all they have done over his nearly 3 years there, so set about making some special cupcakes. I think this design was perfect and the leaders loved them!














I had been asked to make a cake for a 9 year old girl (I made the 2 tier 13th cake for her sister earlier in the year). Amelia has recently been introduced into the world of the Simpsons after her dad downloaded the whole lot from the beginning and *loved* it! So, what better cake than a cake that disguised itself as a doughnut, with Homer sat in the middle! This was such fun to make and I was chuffed to bits with the result, as was Amelia. The doughnut candle holders and blue sky/clouds cakeboard finished it off perfectly.















Lucky Amelia then had a seperate birthday celebration on the weekend of her birthday, so I made these gorgeous polka dot cakes to match all the tablewear and balloons her mum had bought.















From a 9 year olds cakes to one for a lady who is turning 100. This was a 10" rich fruit cake finished with simple rose detail. This cake has travelled all the way back to Newcastle, where the customer lives! I love thinking of the telegram Queenie will get from the Queen - "To Queenie, from The Queen."

















I have a lot of cupcake orders coming up, which are always fun to work on. A mix of flavours which will be travelling to Essex (That Cake Lady is getting around a bit!), some vintage/shabby chic designs and of course, all the Halloween orders I have to complete.


Christmas cakes are all maturing nicely, although there is still time to order one. I have a range of sizes, all tucked up in tubs and containers and receiving regular doses of brandy. I think my 3" mini cakes in presentation boxes are going to be very popular. These can be ordered direct, or they can be purchased from The Blue Room in Nailsea ( during November and December. I also have some room left for sponge cakes for Christmas, although space is limited. Also, if traditional rich fruitcake is not your thing, I have a lovely recipe for a lighter fuit cake, which is actually made with pineapple!



National Cupcake Week


September 17 - 23 was National Cupcake Week and I ran a special offer. Boxes of 4 cupcakes at special prices and £1 from each box went to CLIC Sargent, the nominated charity. I know first hand how important CLIC is. My eldest son was diagnosed with leukeamia aged 3 years and CLIC helped us so much during his 3.5 yrs of treatment. The CLIC nurses were like angels to us, and the fact they came out to us every week to do blood tests was such a saving grace as the thought of having to take him to hospital every week would have been unbearable, we already spent far too much time there! It got to the point that Jacob trusted his nurse Claire so much, she would go into his school and do his thumb prick without me even needing to go, he was 4 years old! I must add, Jacob is now 10 and next June will celebrate the 5 year all clear mark. It all seems very distant, but those CLIC nurses will never be forgotten.

Rocky road, lemon meringue and vanilla flavours proved the most popular flavours. I was baking most days to order and my house smelt lovely all week!! £24 was raised in total, so thank you to everyone that ordered and I hope you enjoyed them.










I did a huge cake a few weeks ago for a 50th birthday, it was 10" square and was 4" deep. Michele wanted  very simple design, and she was really pleased with the finished product. I have been asked to make the same design for a 100th birthday in a couple of weeks, but this one will be fruit cake.














Sporting cakes are very popular and I have just finished a rugby themed one to add to my collection! The birthday boy is dressed in his home strip and is scoring a try! I got another order almost straight away to make one the same in November, and I get to make cupcakes to match! I wonder what my next sport will be?
















I am excited (and nervous) to say I will be at the Lovely! fair on November 17th selling tasty and festive cakes and bakes. This is my first fair, so I have to figure out what to bake and sell. Details are Let me know if there's anything you would like to see there.


I have also been busy making Christmas cakes all week and I still have a load more to do! The house smells divine and I have cakes in every tub and container I own. I am worried the recycling men will think I have a problem with the amount of brandy I am getting through! I have marked the days on my calender for when I need to 'feed' them all. I will feel like Mary Poppins, administering liberal spoonfuls of brandy to them!! If you would like to order a Christmas cake, contact me for details             07902 409577      or [email protected]







School's back!


The children have gone back to school, so I have gained some time at last! Although, the youngest has just started reception and is only doing half days so I seem to spend most of my day walking to and from school!

Anyway, cakes. I had a 40th cupcake order to take into work and my brief was girly and pretty. I have it on good authority the birthday girl is a handbag fan, so I thought I'd incorporate handbags in the design. She was really pleased and her lucky workmates enjoyed them too!















I had very last minute order last week. A call on the Sunday asking me if I could make a hairdressing themed cake for the coming Wednesday. So, I set about modelling various things you might find in a salon and really enjoyed it. The customer was blown away when she collected it and sent me a lovely text the next morning saying how impressed everybody had been.










My poor family feel very hard done by sometimes as I'm forever telling them the cake just out the oven is not for them! So, the other weekend I sent them all out for the afternoon and had a baking session for US! The kids could not believe it when I said they could eat what I had baked. I also used the opportunity to try some Halloween designs. More are coming soon, and I can take orders for cupcakes or large cakes.











I had a very important cake to bake last week, my husband's birthday cake. He had requested no fondant and maybe something lemony! So, I made him a lemon sponge and filled it with mascropone and homemade lemon curd. I have to say, it was amazing! He was a very satisfied customer.










I'm currently working on Christmas designs and hope to have detail up very shortly, if you want to order a Christmas cake of any sort I urge you to do it sooner rather than later and space will be limited.



Thinking about Christmas, in August!


I'm so excited to say that during November and December, The Blue Room in Nailsea ( will be selling a selection of my Christmas bakes and treats! Mini Christmas cakes will definitely be available plus many other scrummy goods. I have also booked a couple of Christmas craft fairs, more about those nearer the time. So, of course, my mind is already thinking ahead to my Christmas designs.

I've been so lucky over the last couple of weeks to have had fun and varied orders. Kermit the frog, I have to admit, has been one of my favourite models to date. I was deterimined to get him right, and I was very sad to see him go! He was sat upon his log on his lilly pond and that was covering 2 layers of chocolate cake, lashings of buttercream and silky smooth ganache!










The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo was a bit of a challenge, but an enjoyable one. I loved making these mini 'Scooby snacks' as candle holders. This cake was also chocolate cake, 3 layers of it!















Late one night last week I had an email asking if I could deliver some cupcakes to some new parents. Well, I was delighted to and within less than 24 hours was knocking (quietly!) on their door with a suprise delivery of Rocky Road cupcakes. They were all done up with pink ribbon and I attached a gift card and wrote a message from the sender. It was very exciting to do a suprise delivery and the feedback I got was fantastic, I think the line "we had run out of vases" sums it up!












I had a lovely time making a girly mermaid themed cake. There was a lot ofdetail on it, I included various shells, coral, a turtle and an octopus as well as sand and starfish!















































My last order this week was a Hoover. Yep, a Hoover! I loved the challenge of making the hose, and was really pleased with the result. The customer was delighted too, which in turn makes me very happy!


















As ever, full photos of all the cakes can be seen in my galleries.



So much to do, so little time!


We're into week 4 of the summer hols here, so with 3 children around and lots of cakes to make, I've had no time to blog!

Firstly, I finally have a photo of the cupcake tower for the wedding I did back in July. Sarah, the bride, said they just went in a flash and she was so glad she increased the order to 200!













Next up was a 13th Birthday and the lucky birthday girl had cupakes on her actual birthday and then a joint cake for her and a friend's party that weekend.























With the children breaking up from school came teacher gifts, so I decided an apple was in order....














A couple of weeks ago I had an order of cupcakes for a girls only champagne evening, they had a mix of rich chocolate, red velevet and carrot cake. I had excellent feedback from them and it did make to chuckle to learn the customer could not lift her recylcing box that week because of all the bottles! A sure sign of a good night.



















I had a very special cake to make for my mother in law's 60th Birthday. I just love the result and although I did mutter my way through making all the roses and stems saying "Never again!" I would actually love to make another as I think it is just so pretty.





















After all those cakes we had a week away camping and after a shaky start, the weather was glorious and we actually stayed another night. To think this time last week I was sat on Lyme Regis beach and now it's dull and miserable outside.

Check out my galleries for all of these cakes in their full glory!



Follow the rabbit!


I've got a few fab cakes to blog. First up was a golf cake for a lovely man turning 70, he plays a round about 3 times a week, so he's obviously a golf nut! I loved his little check trousers and the diamond pattern on his jumper! His visor finished him off just nicely I think to tee up his next shot. The full cake can be viewed in my novelty cake gallery.





















Next was a football cake for a goalkeeping 11 year old! When I asked his mum what colour his kit was, I was rather hoping she would just say "green" or "yellow"! But oh no, dark blue with lime green flashes down the sides and lime green socks! So, that's what he got! This cake was a huuuuge chocolate sponge slathered in chocolate buttercream.



















Yesterday I baked, decorated and delivered 200 wedding cupcakes, I can't show you photos yet though, as the wedding is not happening for another 2 hours at the time of writing this! Anyway, good luck Sarah and Adam.

Today I have finished what I think is my favourite cake to date. I was asked to make an Alice in Wonderland cake for a little girl who is turning 1. This is a cake makers dream as there is so much to choose from, the list of characters and storylines is endless! The finished cake can be seen in my novelty cake gallery, but allow me to show you the details!

First up, Alice, of course! This is actually Alice mark III, I was not happy with the 2 previous versions! She is sat upon her pic-nic blanket with her finest (hand modelled and hand painted!) china. The Mad Hatter has left his hat behind and you just see a rabbit's foot....


















This is the White Rabbit disappearing down the rabbit hole, remember when Alice follows him at the start of the story? The hole is in an old tree stump. Then of course his all important pocket watch! Then a sign post announcing Elodie is 1 today!




















Then, round the sides, we have the Cheshire Cat's grinning face, the caterpillar smoking his hookah, the door with eat me/drink me goodies, and the playing cards painting the white roses red! Lastly, I made a black and white chequered floor as that's what I always think of when I see Alice walking down the corridoor towards the door!





























































Lucky birthday girl Elodie also gets 24 cake pops to go with her cake! There are 12 each of vanilla and chocolate and are displayed in my custom made holder with matching ribbon.



























I loved doing this cake, so much to play with and think about. I've decided I'd very much like to do a Wizard of Oz cake one day, think I could have fun with that too!



Lots going on.


I've been lucky enough to have had lot of different orders over the last few weeks. Last weekend there was a number 6 for a little girl, decorated with pastel coloured flowers and butterflies. I really enjoyed making it and added a shimmer finish, just to make it even more girlie. My daughter was quite taken with it and rightly pointed out, she could have it for her birthday if we turned it around to make it a number 9. Nice idea, but her birthday is not until January, maybe I'll make a fresh one for her then!


Shimmer detail.



The second order of the weekend was football themed cupcakes in chocolate and vanilla. This was for a joint 10th Birthday and they wanted them in their clubs team colours, so pale blue. I really enjoyed making the little scarves.


Football cupcakes


This morning a customer picked up the cake he had ordered as a suprise for his wife. A garden cake he had designed himself with the all important book and glass of rosé being featured! I loved making the little flower troughs and was especially excited to try out some topiary trees which I think look stunning.


Garden cake details.

































Next weekend takes on a sporting theme and I have a football cake to make, and a golf cake. I have made a little goalie this afternoon and I made a little golfer and golf bag earlier in the week. Be sure to check the site next weekend and they will be in the novelty cake gallery.

Oh, and the bride for my wedding order in 2 weeks time has increased her order from 120 cupcakes, to 200! Must get on to the extra decorations needed!



Laying a wooden floor?


Last week I got to do something I've wanted to try for a while - lay a wooden floor - or at least a fondant wooden floor! I figured what better surface for a grand piano to be on than polished floorboards. I was so pleased with the overall look and am looking forward to an opportunity to do it again.


The finished piano cake can been seen in my novelty cake album. It was made for a teenage piano player who was really happy with it.

I have 2 orders this weekend now, I got a late order for football themed cupcakes. The other is a very girly cake for a 6 year old. All the necessary decorations for both are in my 'drying cupboard'! Can't wait to get baking.

I've also just taken an order for an Alice in Wonderland cake and 20 cake pops for mid July. It's going to be a challenge and I have a lot of modelling to do. Alice, the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, dinky tea set etc etc! It should look amazing for the lucky Birthday girl!




From heatwave to floods!


Well, since my last post, the weat

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